Aqua Strider



The Aqua Strider station provides the user with a full range of motion in the vertical plane working the legs and buttocks. There is also a significant training effect on the hip flexors and extensors and to a lesser degree on the lower back.

In addition to all its ‘dry land’ equivalent can offer, this machine has the capacity for double leg motion in a forward and backward direction. Positioning the body at right angles to the machine also enables users to focus work on the abductor and adductor muscles (inside and outside of the leg) for a complete leg conditioning work out.

The intensity of the exercise can be easily varied by adjusting the vanes (floats) on the machine to increase the water resistance. The duration of exercise can be controlled through use of the integrated timer.

A longer slower striding action suits the beginner. Resistance increases as the strides are shortened and speed increases.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups:-

  1. Gluteals
  2. Quadriceps
  3. Hamstrings
  4. Gastrocnemius

Additional Benefits:-

* Increases muscular endurance

* Cardio-respiratory endurance workout