Aqua Rower – aquatic rowing machine



The Aqua Rower works all the major muscle groups of the body providing a whole body aerobic workout.

The aerobic and strength benefits of using a rowing machine are well known. In addition, the use of buoyancy pods provides resistance ensuring the user experiences a constant load throughout the full range of motion. The resultant is experience is a realistic feel and smooth rowing action.

The user increases resistance by simply rolling the pull cord onto the hand bar.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups:-

  1. Biceps (front upper arm) when using the bicep curl movement
  2. Trapezius
  3. Deltoids
  4. Lattisimus Dorsi (mid and lower back)
  5. Pectorals
  6. Abdominals
  7. Gluteals
  8. Quadriceps
  9. Hamstrings
  10. Gastrocnemius

Additional Benefits:-

* Vigorous cardio-respiratory workout

* Increases Muscular endurance

* Can increase upper body strength