Aqua Pulldown – Aquatic Pulldown Machine



This machine can be used as a Pulldown Machine to focus work on the back and bicep muscles, as a set of assisted Dip Bars to focus work on the chest and triceps muscles and as a Shoulder Press Machine to focus work on the major shoulder muscles.

Depending on the chosen activity, users sit or kneel (either facing towards or away from the machine) on the comfortable support pad.

The resistance is varied by selecting the desired number of floatation chambers in the float stack. This adjustment is easy from the exercise position by moving the user friendly adjuster pin. The duration of the exercise can be controlled by using the integrated timer.

The special water lubricated bearings ensure operation is always smooth which guarantees user comfort and security.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups:-

  1. Trapezius (upper back)
  2. Deltoids (Shoulders)
  3. Biceps (front upper arm)
  4. Triceps (rear upper arm)
  5. Pectorals (front chest)
  6. Latissimus Dorsi (large muscles in mid back area)

Additional Benefits:-

* Can develop upper body muscle strength

* Increases muscular endurance