Aqua Cycle – aquatic reclined cycling machine


Cycling in the recumbent (reclined) position works the legs and trunk specifically, but as with cycling on land the exercise provides conditioning for the entire body and a complete cardiovascular workout. The steady movements will ensure a constant load on the muscle groups involved.

The Aqua Cycle is designed to allow the user to finely control the resistance valve, which together with use of the integral timer enables the load and duration of the exercise to be tailored to individual requirements. Both of these are within easy reach of the user to adjust whilst performing the exercise if necessary.

The seat is supported on a slide allowing it to be adjusted to suit all sizes of user.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups in the lower body:-

  1. Gluteal Muscles
  2. Quadriceps
  3. Hamstrings
  4. Gastrocnemius (calves)

Additional Benefits:-

* Cardio-respiratory workout