Aqua Climber – aquatic climber machine



The Aqua Climber allows the user to work the upper and lower body in equal amounts or subject target areas to a higher workload by simply choosing a different hand grip position. Hand settings vary in height to accommodate individual user’s height and training requirements.

The simply adjusted impeller system ensures that varying loads can be set to accommodate the exercise needs of all users. When used in association with the integrated timer an infinitely variable number of settings can be achieved.

The user’s movements are controlled and effectively ensure targeted muscle groups are exercised. The movements on the Aqua Climber are small and unsure isometric muscle contractions are continuous throughout the activity.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups:-

  1. Trapezius
  2. Deltoids
  3. Pectorals
  4. Hamstrings
  5. Abdominals
  6. Latissimus Dorsi
  7. Gluteals
  8. Quadriceps
  9. Gastrocnemius

Additional Benefits:-

* The leg and buttock muscles will be strengthened above all, but as the arm and torso muscles also take part in the exercise, the Aqua Climber has been recognized as an excellent cross trainer.

* Cardio-respiratory workout

* Increase muscular endurance