Aqua Abs – Aquatic Abs Machine



The Abs station provides a stable platform for controlled knee lifts, straight leg lifts, scissor movements and stomach exercises which are essential for complete body conditioning.

The user can opt for lifting one leg at a time for an easier work out or two legs together for a more focused performance of the exercise.

The added support offered by the water makes all these exercises less stressful. The combination of the fixed hand-grips and the design of the back support ensures the body is in the optimum position for these exercises. The integrated timer can be used to control the duration of the activity.

The activity tones and tightens the following main muscle groups:-

  1. Abdominal muscles from the breast bone to the pubis
  2. Gluteal (buttock) muscles
  3. Quadriceps (front of thigh)
  4. Hamstrings (back of thigh)
  5. Adductors & Abductors (inner and outer thigh)

Additional benefits include:-

* Large controlled muscle activity

* Cardio-respiratory workout